consumer protection

Mike Lee is a nationally-lauded consumer protection watchdog. His success in the legal world gave him the opportunity to serve at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

While there he helped keep children safe by taking dangerous, Chinese-made drop side cribs off the market. Mike personally assembled a team to tackle this issue, after discovering he and his wife had bought an unsafe crib for their grandchild. Thankfully, they learned before any incident and destroyed the crib, kicking it to the curb.

Mike ushered in safe standards for a host of imported toys, including high-powered magnet sets known as Buckyballs. Mike often says that he "never had a bad day at work" knowing he was protecting children from dangerous products.

Before his time at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Mike spent decades advocating for people in the court room. Through his legal work he paved a path to safety in cases related to faulty car tires, tractors without roll bars, and three-wheel all terrain vehicles.

His legal record earned him the distinction of being certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (1996-2012). 

The consumer protection division of the Arkansas Attorney General’s office has been severely diminished in recent years. Arkansans, particularly seniors, are getting the run-around when it comes to getting help with scammers and fraud.  

There must be a renewed emphasis on tackling online scammers, payday lenders, and cyber crimes.

Mike will bring his nearly 40 years of legal expertise to the office of Arkansas Attorney General.